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Optimal Performance

Jul 6, 2021

Hair loss is no longer a mystery. And the regrowth solution is simple.

Two of the most powerful hair growth ingredients combine to make Auxano Grow - blowing the hair loss prescription drugs out of the water. Copper peptides and C60 are the winning combination.

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It's all about blood flow to the scalp. It's all about living a low-inflammation lifestyle while supporting your scalp. 

I've been on a 18 month hair regrowth journey using various techniques to go from balding to thicker, longer hair.

-Derma Rolling, c60, red light therapy and amino acids

Now, I'll be adding Auxano to my hair growth formula. 

Jay Campbell - Author, Innovator, Testosterone Expert  - and I also talk about the important connection between biohacking and elevated consciousness. 

In this packed episode we cover: 

•What is a copper peptide? How does it help regrow hair?

•The real key to hair loss is lack of blood flow to the scalp

•Even if you have a genetic predisposition to hairless, you can re-grow your hair.

•What is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inhibition…and why is important to understand

•The problem with finasteride

•What are cosmeceuticals?

•The alarming depression after using finasteride, propecia, prescription monoxodil

•The formulation of peptide products.

•How can we be prepared for what comes next, how can we stay ahead of the curve.

•The connection between trauma and hair loss.

•Nick Andrews biochemical engineer and peptide formulator.

•Jay’s origin as the author of The Testosterone Optimization Bible

•The importance of raising your internal vibration to improve your life and the lives of the people around you.

•The connection between hair and personal power

•Mastering your physique, consciousness, presence and love through alchemical mastery

•How we can all vibrate at a higher level.

•How to get off hair loss pharmaceuticals

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