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Optimal Performance

Jun 3, 2021

This is some futuristic stuff. 

Unlike anything else before it, Orchid's service focuses on analyzing both couple''s genes as well as fertilized embryos for IVF. 

Check them out here.

In this futuristic episode we cover: 

•100% of genome 3B bases…versus 2-3% in 23andme or Ancestry

*What you can learn about your own genetics as well as your unborn children

•Identifying genetic markers and determining the risk involved with the combination of inherited genes

•More extensive testing

•Each embryo you create you get a report about the health of that embryo and what risks it may have

•Old school genetics show broad and largely useless information

•Industry establishing genetic testing technology

•Orchid’s added service of genetic counseling

•The implications about being able to know the health risks your unborn children may have

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