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Optimal Performance

May 31, 2021

Using music to get dialed in. We all do it, and does it better...and backed by brilliant developers. 

Go to for a FREE 3 day trial. 

In this super fascinating episode we cover:

•Patterns effect different brain states

•Music triggers those brain patterns

•Focus, Relax and Sleep

•Using EEGs and fMRIs to look at brain patters to use rhythmic patters to illicit mental states

•Comparisons to binaural beats and isometric tones

•Why is better than binural beats

•Studying application for people with ADD

•Using to bring people back from anesthesia faster

•Music made with composers and smart algorithms

•Using the sleep setting to play all night.

•How to try FREE

•What is a neural oscillations

•Tips for optimizing your experience including drinking plenty of

•How to implement into your morning routine

•How to use it as a tool and respect the tool

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