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Optimal Performance

May 3, 2021

When the creator of a massively popular anti-aging protocol is a self-admitted junk food junkie you perk up. 

Dr. Sandra Kaufman uses her knowledge of cell biology and physiology to treat aging with biochemical biohacking.

We talk about the Kaufman Protocol which takes a hard look at the 7 tenets of aging. 

In this podcast we cover:

•Sandra is a super-healthy junk food junkie

•Breaking down why cells age and what you can do about it.

•Unpacking Metforman and it’s keys to longevity: epigenetic modifier, uncouples mitochondria, lowers glucose levels, changes balance of bacteria in the gut toward “skinny people bacteria”

•Which are the best tests for gut health, horvath clock, sirtuans, telomeres, mitochondria,

•The importance of gut bacteria that make PUFAs

•The difference between anti-aging and age-reversal (which isn’t really a thing yet)

•Senesent cell killing protocols

•Breaking down the Kaufman Protocol

•Spermadine teasers…

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