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Optimal Performance

Apr 26, 2021

Wade Lightheart has dedicated his life to creating BEST IN CLASS supplements. He and his team at Bioptimizers are succeeding.

I've recently fallen in love with several of the BiOptimzers products...and I'm very very picky. 

You can get 10% off the most potent Magnesium product on the planet - Magnesium Breakthrough HERE

BiOptimizers has also created the most advanced gut and digestion products like Leaky Gut Guardian, P3-OM proteolytic probiotic and Masszymes - the most cutting edge digestive enzyme available. 

In this episode we cover:

•The importance of getting engaged with your own health and having fun

•Why you can’t supplement your way out of a and diet or bad lifestyle

•Ranking your inputs: Air, Movement, Water, Food

•How Bioptimizers formulates Best Of Class products

•What is the bucket theory of nutrition (totally of optimal functioning in the body)

•How to build up to an optimal dose of any supplement  - DO  A Spectrecell

•5 Main tests: Dutch test for hormones, Pulse test for denatured proteins (cardiac disease), HomoIR (Insulin and glucose response), Spectracell (determines how well your body absorbed and uses minerals, Dexascan for body fat Do that every 5 years!

•The worlds best proteolytic enyzme

•How Wade has created the absolute fool proof digestive health plan

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