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Optimal Performance

Apr 5, 2021

Scientist Andrew Steele has written a startling chronicle on the frontiers of the science of aging, and reveals how close we are to an astonishing extension of our life spans and a vastly improved quality of life in our later years.

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In this truly futuristic take on longevity and health we cover:

•Your risk of death doubles every 7 years!
•What are the most reliable tests for measuring aging

•The 5 most important things for Anti-aging!
•How the Epigenetic clock measures your age most accurately
•The shocking idea if programming cells back into pluripotent cells

•The Research of Yamanaka on pluripotent cells

•The distinction between Ant-aging and Age Reversal and Transhumanism

•What do the skeptics say about Anti-aging

•How dying of old age is no longer a thing

•Anti-aging and death - how closely are they connected?

•Andrew’s goals for bringing anti-aging into casual conversations among friends and families

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