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Optimal Performance

Feb 8, 2021

Conner Habib is one of the most fascinating people I've interviewed in...well, maybe ever. 

He's an author, lecturer, former porn performer and deep thinker about philosophy in the modern world. 

You can find him on his deeply interesting and important podcast - Against Everyone With Conner Habib

In this fascinating episode we cover: 

•How do you define materialism?

•Why is materialism a problematic idea?

•What is scientism? How is the biohacking community contributing to the problems with scientism?

•A fresh new way to think about vaccines

•Differentiating between the internal and external worlds.

•How having a healthy body gives you a sense of clarity and emotional stability.

•The concept of right action in terms of I/WE/ALL or I/WE/COSMOS

•How can we benefit the cosmos in our behaviors?

•What do the teachings of Rudolph Steiner have to teach us now?

•The importance of reading fiction

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