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Optimal Performance

Nov 23, 2020

Alec Zeck is a holistic health coach and consumer health advocate. He's a voracious researcher and online truth teller. 

His story of how he became such an outspoken champion for health freedom is both harrowing and inspiring.

In this hard hitting podcast we cover: 

•Medical system failures and fighting against a broken system

•How research, personal power and the a thirst for the truth can revolutionize health

•Alec’s origin story of becoming an advocate for holistic health - Trauma,

•Family working with Dr. Kelly Brogan: these pills are what’s causing this issue for you. Clean up your diet, create a process of introspection, heal trauma, and use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique

•Helping his wife work through lupus…by getting off rheumatoid arthritis drugs now symptom free

•What is Health Freedoms For Humanity? Medical and health freedom for all.

•Coronavirus time lines broken down:

•2017 Fauci predicts that this president with deal with a surprise pandemic

•2018 Event 201 occurs with John’s Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation run a mock even to run tests on what would happen with a coronavirus outbreak

•2019 Moderna applies for a patent  having never been in the patent business before

•94% of covid deaths may have been able to be prevented if they had better health.

•Is the coronavirus manipulation all about gaining money and power?

•The problems around ostracizing people who ask deep questions