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Optimal Performance

Aug 31, 2020

Dr. Casey Means has helped create something that will change the lives of millions.

Levels is a Continuous Glucose Monitor Company. It gives you access to technology that was reserved for diabetics exclusively…till now.

Dr. Means has a fascinating origin story. And the wearable, app and behavior change that comes from Levels is really fascinating. A few years from now, the worlds top performers will all be wearing CGMs.

In this episode we cover:


•What does a founder of CGM company eat for lunch?

•Her journey from Head and Neck Surgeon to private biomedical device company

•Most doctors get 4 hours of nutrition education in med school!

•Now Dr. Casey is motivated to help people take ownership of their health

•Clarifying metabolic health - how food converts to energy

•”88% of the country is considered to be metabolically dysfunctional.”

•What is insulin resistance?

•When you reverse metabolic dysfunction a lot of these (disease) symptoms melt away

•What is a continuous glucose monitor?

•”Something may be healthy, but not healthy for you”

•Sleep exercise, stress, food, food timing immediately effect metabolism

•”The majority of metabolic dysfunction can be prevented, reversed or improved.”

•The importance of interception to learn about your body and your sensations

•”Normal” fasting glucose is 100 but between 72-85 is optimal for health