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Optimal Performance

Apr 6, 2020

Now is the best time in your life to experiment with how you eat and how you live. 

Fasting, intermittent fasting, fat adaptation, metabolic autophagy and more are Siim Land's wheelhouse. A content creator, author and public speaker on all things fasting he knows his stuff. 

Siim's Youtube channel 

In this episode we cover: 

•Insulin resistance and higher risk of Covid-19

•Building fat adaptation  - usually takes about a month, start with a  3 day fast

•Microsoing gluten and sugar

•Targeted Intermittent Fasting - benefits of autophagy, but promotes muscle growth, timing fasting and fast breaking around exercise to get quick energy then quickly burning it off and slip back into ketosis

•Why eating carbs later in the day make is preferable to earlier in the day

•How long does is it typically take to reset your metabolism, and get into manageable ketotic state

•The difference between being in ketosis while you’re eating, and fasting

•How to become keto adapted

•How to gain metabolic flexibility

•Choosing your food fuel, not combining carbs and fats. Insuling resistance and type 2 diabetes aka The Randal Cycle.

•Nature doesn’t care about your salary, your home. WE ARE UNDER-ADAPTED to stressors in the world.

•What is hormesis