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Optimal Performance

Dec 2, 2019

Starting to get a cold? Fast, don't work out, don't even think,  bundle up and megadose vitamin A. 

Dr. Ben Lynch is a wealth of knowledge for cleaning up dirty genes and living a healthy, optimal life. Check out his book Dirty Genes 

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In this episode we cover: 

•How to stave off a cold before it starts

•Why you shouldn’t drink liquid while eating to allow saliva and digestive enzymes

•Ways to influence and clean up our genes.

•How mindset influences gene expression

•Supplementation as a way to influence genes and clean up genes

•Why forced vaccinations are problematic for certain people with specific dirty genes

•Pro-inflammatory haplotypes and the implications of having them

•How to test your inflammation by scratching your own arm

•How eating fermented foods, probiotics or even leftovers can activate inflammation and histamines (which are neurotransmitters)

•Two week process of cleaning up dirty genes

•40% of our digestion is seeing and smelling food.