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Optimal Performance

Nov 8, 2019

If you're not up on the science around estrogenic chemicals - and how they're effecting the health of millions - this episode may shock you. 

Dr. Anthnoy Jay wrote the best-selling book Estrogenics - which takes on the topic of mass exposure to estrogenic chemicals. Dr. Jay is a researcher at the Mayo Clinic currently researching stem cells, epigenetics and infrared light. 

In this episode we cover: 

•Why you should absolutely not eat soy products - increases estrogen

•Symptoms and health issues associated with exposure to estrogenic chemicals like stubborn fat, man boobs, infertility and more

• Best fragrance free products

•Cannabis and estrogen - you may have a certain gene that makes or made you sensitive to it!!!

•Breast cancer rates skyrocketing…and we’re not looking at causes.

•Depression and estrogenic chemicals. Studies look at high BPA in unrine and depression

•Atrizene and Sex Changing Frogs


•Estrogenic chemicals effecting wildlife - fish especially