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Optimal Performance

Oct 7, 2019

Dr. Harold Turk is a very successful healer based in Los Angeles - treating many high performing people. 

As a chiropractor, coach and Maori trained body worker, Dr. Turk has seen what damage people do to themselves by not taking the time to treat their bodies or process their trauma. 

Find the work that Dr. Turk does HERE:

ALSO - As mentioned in the pre-read on October 26th-28th, we’re bringing together the world’s TOP Burnout and Chronic Stress experts for a three day online summit.


In this episode we cover:

•Healing trauma through the body

•What it means to be IN YOUR BODY

•The fact that we store trauma in the body

•Often the unresolved trauma we carry eventually limits us in our lives

•How important it is to dump or purge the build up of emotional and physical trauma through body work

•How to choose which body work modalities will be most effective for you

•The difference between being merely interested in doing self work and committed.

•How can you heal yourself if you're not vulnerable