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Optimal Performance

Sep 26, 2019

If you're sensitive to cussing and in-your-face straight talk, this episode may not be for you.

Eliot Marshall knows about adversity

The grandchild of holocaust survivors, bullied because of his multi-racial background, and bouts of debilitating anxiety has forged a man full of resolve and...elite performance. 

Author of Gospel Of Fire - Eliot talks about his transformational story about how crippling anxiety drove him both to achieve and nearly breakdown. 

In this episode we cover: 

• How to think of and deal with anxiety….which has been a massive issue for Eliot

• Commentary on western victimhood culture

• Life skills

• The importance of doing hard physical things, BJJ,

• Embracing conflict - learning how to fight

• Parenting, and shaping young people, especially fostering their competitive natures

• It’s ok to want to win


The need for support in groups, in person. Accepting the help and support of people in your life. The real need for personal connection