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Optimal Performance

Sep 7, 2019

This is a PACKED episode with a very fascinating guy. 

Roger Drummer is Diplomat of Chinese Herbology and his company herbworks makes some really interesting products. The guy beat bladder cancer and has been helping others optimize their lives through the powers of herbs and adaptogens. 

Herbworks LINK:

USE Code: FREESHIP for free shipping. 

In this episode we cover:

• Brain injuries and the need for certain nutrients.

• Roger’s mystical experience drinking reishi mushroom tea

• Rogers bladder cancer diagnosis and how he disappeared his tumors naturally. Now he's cancer free for 3+ years.

• How we just flat out do not and cannot consume the right nutrients for optimal performance without herbs and adaptogens

• What is an adaptogen?

• How adaptogens are often mislabeled.

• How the HPA axis - hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal - effects your stress and everything in your body is regulated by the HPA.

• How to think about how you react to adaptogens. If you get tired, that may be important to pay attention to.

• The whole point of herbs and adaptogens is to empower the body


Roger’s patented formula for growing mushrooms on a purple substrate (specific purple corn cob) to create novel compounds that are used for his mushroom complex


Psychedelics, Entheogens and plant medicines…