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Optimal Performance

Aug 26, 2019

Tim Campos helped make Facebook the most productive company in the world.

So how can it be that he calls himself LAZY?

The good news is, may people who think of themselves as lazy, are actually the most productive professionals. How? They don't want to do boring stuff - so they find hacks and optimize their time. Do less boring stuff - have more time for the stuff that matters. 

Tim and his co-founding parter have created Woven, which aims to optimize the process of scheduling and calendar use, so that you can spend less time on logistics, and more time on things that really matter to you. 

In this episode we cover: 

• The importance of productivity, regardless of your life and lifestyle

• How Tim took the challenges he faced at facebook and made the perfect calendar app

• How lazy people are often times the most productive people

• In a future world with more remote workers, how the skill of productivity will help YOU

• Knowing thyself, if you know what you want, you’ll figure out what’s most important and prioritize for it.

• The usefulness of using a life coach to live the sort of life you want