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Optimal Performance

Jun 10, 2019

Quantified Bob is one of the most well-known bio-hackers in the world. His site is PACKED with N of 1 experiments, results, tips, and strategies to help you live an optimal life. 

BODY - Sauna and Niacin to detox, Air Quality, Water Quality etc. 

MIND - Personality Types, Brain Health, Ketones etc. 

LIFESTYLE - Travel, HRV, Quantifying His Gambling Tendencies etc. 

Bob is a pretty ideal guest for OPP. He's such a treasure trove of wisdom, experience and experiments. I picked his brain on some of the same experiments that you can also do at home to learn more about how you can quantify yourself and live optimal. 

In this episode we cover: 

• Simple ideas for minimizing your exposure to frequencies

• The difference between high and low emf versus radio frequencies

• The issue of keeping your phone in your pocket, constantly pinging for updates and data processing and how your genitals are exposed

• Minimizing humidity to avoid mold growth especially in your bedroom

• The Foobot air quality monitor - hepa filter - tracking sleep and hrv

• How are your nasal pathways in the morning? closed? crusty? congested? = not good

• What he uses to filter his water - Zero Water

• for collecting your drinking water

Shower filters for stripping out chemicals