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Optimal Performance

Apr 9, 2019

Carmen Visan works with CEOs and high performers and guess what, they all have things they need to work through.

The combination of intensive therapy combined with gentle hand waving in front of your face has been proven to dramatically improve those dealing with PTSD. Carmen has been practicing EMDR Therapy for years and understands the connection between the little t trauma and big T Trauma and how it can be processed effectively. 

EMDR is widely used in veteran populations and those dealing with traumas that are negatively effecting their lives. It's also the most researched area of psychotherapy in the world. 

As you're listening to this, think about how this effects you or people in your life.

In this episode we cover:

• EMDR Therapy to process trauma

• The difference between little "t" trauma and big "T" trauma 

• Neuro-networks and how our brain associates various emotions

• Connections between traumatic childhoods and high performers

• Parenting and Honesty 


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