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Optimal Performance

Dec 31, 2018

We all want to life our most optimal lives - and we turn to podcasts like these for insights, wisdom and technique. But, above and beyond the proven bio-hacks, nutritional approaches and smart drugs - there is so much that we ignore:

Goal setting: The most clear and direct way to approach your goal setting and achieve...

Dec 24, 2018

Recently featured in a powerful Mens Health Magazine article -  Dan Doty from Evryman shares with us some of his insights on male emotions and what we can all do in order to grow. Facilitating men's groups and outdoor expeditions all over the country - Evryman is doing the deep work that so many men have never...

Dec 18, 2018

Just when you think you have it all figured out! You may be not getting enough sunshine, and too much artificial blue light.

Our bodies are barraged by harmful blue light everyday and every night, harming our body's ability to make melatonin that help repair our mitochondria when we sleep.

Don't worry though,

Dec 10, 2018

You might be getting duped. If you've purchased mushroom supplements in the past from the other guys, you're probably taking grain pills with some mycelium in them. Jeff has literally written the book on fungi, and he shares vast networks of information with us.  

Dec 4, 2018

There's no hiding it anymore. Cannabis is the future of medicine. Envision a world of CBD infused crackers at grocery stores, tinctures available at movie theaters and classes among classes of drugs to everything from turf-toe to insomnia. As the world becomes more accepting to the powers and uses of cannabis - it's...