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Optimal Performance

Feb 18, 2019

David Hauser might actually have it all figured out. 

The dude knows a thing or two about getting results. He's a master at best practices and optimal systems.  

Co-founded, grew and eventually sold Grasshopper for $200M in 2015 - without taking outside investment. Also sold Chargify with an outside investment from Mark Cuban. 

David spends A LOT of time thinking about how he got there. How was he able to optimize his time, productivity, energy and support? Now it's time to share that wisdom with you. 

His book Unstoppable lays out exactly how to be....

Here's what you can expect to learn in this podcast

• Optimizing family 

• Optimizing schedule

• Work life integration (balance isn't a thing)

• Optimal diet and exercise for busy people

• Plus the importance of community


Also, check out David's Nut Butter! The most recent labor of love SuperFat


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