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Optimal Performance

Dec 31, 2018

We all want to life our most optimal lives - and we turn to podcasts like these for insights, wisdom and technique. But, above and beyond the proven bio-hacks, nutritional approaches and smart drugs - there is so much that we ignore:

Goal setting: The most clear and direct way to approach your goal setting and achieve your dreams.

SMART GOALS: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound

To-do lists: There's an optimal way.

Automatic Negative Thoughts: These are likely stopping you, or least slowing you down before you even start. 

McCormick's Moon Fast: Recalibrating your mental, physical and spiritual systems with a detox of sorts...starting on Jan 5th. 

The host has become the guest this week! I've brought in my coach and mentor Adam Harman to host the podcast and pick my brain. You can find me and my work at the Sean McCormick site.