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Optimal Performance

May 8, 2018

On today's episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast, we digging with Nina Teicholz called The Big Fat Surprise.  This book took 10 years to write because Nina got into so many different studies about how saturated fats were bad for you.

Her book tells the story of why it is the way that it is now, why the food pyramid is set up the way it is and it's a fascinating conversation overall. 

A lot of us already know why butter, meat and cheese belong in a healthy diet.  That's not that off the wall for most of you listeners.  But Nina gets into the politics and policy surrounding around our nations health guidelines.

 We've included 2 of the studies that Nina Teicholz mentions including the Paddon-Jones review (first laid out the meal distribution argument) and the PROT-AGE study group (the paper that "protein folks" always use to begin our arguments that the RDA is not adequate for older adults).

It's a really cool converation, it moves moves quickly and I think you're all gonna enjoy. 

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Episode Outline

  • Intro [1:30]
  • Nina Teicholz's Stack [3:00]
  • Debunking Dietary Myths and The Big Fat Surprise [6:00]
  • Undoing the Traditional Diet and Today's Issues [10:15]
  • Are our people being kept sick? [14:30]
  • What is it going to take to reprogram our diets? [18:15]
  • What are you faced with since writing your book? [23:30]
  • What are some examples of good rigerous science? [28:40]
  • What drew you to this line of work? [31:20]
  • Finding Your Own True Dietary Bliss [35:00]
  • Who is getting nutrition right? [39:00]
  • The difference in changes between men and women. [41:45]
  • What's up next for Nina Teicholz? [45:15]
  • Outro [48:00]

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