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Optimal Performance

Apr 10, 2018

For this week's episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast, we have Brett Kelly, the strength and conditioning coach for the US Ski & Snowboarding team.  They just got back from winning a couple of gold medals over at the Olympics and Bretty works with free ski half pipe, free ski slope style and ariels.


We get into some of the finer details about strength and conditioning and for athletes like this that are doing such unique movements on skis, (ariels is a crazy flipping inverted sport that looks like this), Brett really knows his stuff.

We talk about how to maximize for snow sports, how to gain as much possible strength in the core, exercises involved in that strengthening of the core, and more.  If you like to ski or snow board or just love to dork out on world class strength and conditioning, this is the episode for you.

Get an insider look at what happens inside the Olympics.  How do people get there?  What does an Olympic schedule look like?  Find out this and more on this's weeks episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast!

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  • Intro [2:30]
  • Olympic Skiing and Life Post Olympics [05:45]
  • Brett Kelly's Stack [14:30]
  • What's it like working with US Ski & Snowboarding? - [20:00]
  • What physical/mental traits makes someone exceptional? [24:00]
  • How strong are your strongest athletes? [30:15]
  • How does life change after the Olympics? [36:00]
  • Mental training and sports psychology [39:30]
  • How can weekend warriors improve their skiing? [42:00]
  • A US Olympic Skiing diet. [50:30]
  • What's it like to be in the Olympics? [52:30]
  • What's it like working with professional baseball players? [55:00]
  • Legs or Core? [59:30]
  • What tech are you using? [61:00]
  • Future plans [67:00]
  • Outro [70:00]

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