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Optimal Performance

Mar 20, 2018

This week, I talked to Alon Shabo, founder of Sabaidee, a brand new disruptive company taking the CBD oil industry by transparency.  This is the future of medicine. Sabaidee not only wants to help heal through the power of cannabis, they partner with a 501(c)(3) charity to help plant trees for every unit sold.

CBD helps you sleep, relax your muscles.  And after talking with Alon, you'll be a sleep zealot like us as well since sleep makes EVERYTHING more optimal.

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  • Alon Shabo’s Stack
  • Alon’s intro to CBD
  • What is it like using CBD oil?
  • How did you create Sabaidee
  • The difference between Sabaidee and other CBD oils.
  • Sean’s experience with Sabaidee
  • CBD Success Stories
  • Why isn’t everyone using CBD?
  • Who is CBD and is not for?
  • What hacks do you use for sleep?
  • Sabaidee and Advocacy work
  • Common CBD misconceptions
  • Daily Applications of CBD
  • How do you educate people about CBD?
  • CBD legality and accessibility.
  • The future of the cannabis industry.
  • How long does it take to kick in?
  • How does Sabaidee reach customers?
  • How we can push the cannabis industry forward?
  • Future of CBD oil.


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