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Optimal Performance

Nov 13, 2017

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is found in every living cell and many researchers are excited by it's potential for recovery, longevity, DNA protection, energy, and cellular health.

On this week's OPP, we're talking with Tom Ingoglia from the NAD Treatment Center on NAD in San Diego, CA about:

  • My experience with NAD injections
  • Tom's recovery story and how NAD treatments helped him "miraculously heal" when nothing else worked
  • The latest research on NAD for:
    • circadian rhythms
    • cellular energy
    • DNA protection
    • Anti-aging & longevity
  • The underground history of NAD and why these treatments are not more well known (yet)
  • The future of NAD Therapy and potential applications for this powerful treatment
  • How we can naturally boost NAD levels through sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements