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Optimal Performance

Jul 27, 2017

The most polarizing topic in medicine, the OPP vaccine debate did not disappoint.

We invited Yale Director of Public Health Dr. David Katz and the Paleo Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson on to explore both sides of the vaccines conversation...what happened shocked me.

Our debate quickly turned into a 1-sided conversation as Dr. Katz excused himself from the recording.

As a health professional with a position likely funded by - and certainly supported by - the medical orthodoxy, I understand Dr. Katz’s reluctance to “pretend there is a legitimate debate” about the safety of vaccines. 
However, the pro-vaccine contingency’s strategy to "ignore the debate so the public will think there isn’t one” is more of a red flag than they realize. I, like many others feel like - if there is nothing to hide, we should be able to have an open, honest, transparent discussion about the safety of the public.
Despite our loss of the pro-vaccine argument in this debate, I tried to present you an unbiased episode that is digging for answers. Admittedly, it’s hard to remain slant-free when one side is running TOWARD you with information and the other side is running AWAY from you.
It seems the more and deeper we dig, the more confusing and frustrating this topic gets.
This episode is packed with information and thought-provoking details…

Among the anti-vaccine information in this episode is the story presented in the Vaxxed Documentary where a CDC whistle-blower and co-author (William Thompson) on the “vaccines not linked to autism” study claims they fraudulently manipulated the data to deliver the outcome desired by the CDC and Big Pharma.

Tune in and let us know your thoughts.