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Optimal Performance

Jul 24, 2017

Our guest on the OPP today is Eric Remensperger. Eric was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV, metastatic Prostate Cancer - and survived.

Instead of radiation or chemotherapy, Eric used oxygen, light, fasting, ketosis, sleep and functional foods to improve mitochondrial, cellular, and immune function to defeat his cancer.

(Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.) This is the story of one cancer survivor - and his mission to share the information that saved his life.

On this information-packed, inspiring episode of the OPP you’ll hear:

  • Why Eric says we’re all "cancering" ←→ healing on a spectrum at all times and what this means for our immune system and odds of developing cancer (the noun/condition we know)
  • How fasting induces autophagy and promotes a stronger immune system - helping Eric fight off his cancerous growths
  • How Eric used oxygen therapy to reduce lactic acid, and clear metabolic waste from cancer cells to stop their proliferation
  • Learn the single 30-day cycle of medicine Eric used in his treatment (and why)
  • Why morning sunlight plays a crucial in optimal health and wellbeing
  • Ketosis: nutritional vs. therapeutic and how it impacts cancer
  • Why Oxidative stress is beneficial and how it plays into balancing our electron transport system
  • A self-professed health nut BEFORE his diagnosis, learn the single biggest mistake that Eric says led to his development of cancer
  • Why Eric ditched his daily 48-ingredient superfood shake when he was diagnosed with cancer - and what he’s doing instead
  • Hear how Eric’s daily routine is designed today in an effort to keep him healthy, cancer-free, and thriving

Thanks to Eric for sharing his story with us.