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Optimal Performance

Jul 20, 2020

Geoffrey Cole can tell a lot about you just from watching your brainwaves on a computer screen. 

Pathwaves is a method of re-programming your consciousness to get rid of fear, or reach WOKE level, or move into more motivational states. Combining Neurofeedback and Psychological frameworks, Geoff can move mental mountains. 

In this episode we cover: 

•Wellness background, interested in it creating better systems for health outcomes

•Created Neuroempowerment, combining psychology techniques with neurofeedback and neurofeedforward

•Jungian, Cognitive Behavior therapy, buddhism, taoism, 12-step, Life Coaching, NLP,

•Intake assessment, then neurofeedback assessment to determine cognitive issues

•Set out to create a system to create a fitness strategy for the mind

•From session to session, G can see how much change is occurring in your mind.

•What the critics say!

•You can choose how you want to be. More feeling? More present? More driven? That can be done by customizing the protocol.

•The difference between Neurofeedback and Neurofeedforward NFB mirrors your mind to make changes…NFF shows you reduced signals to the brain diminished brainwave patterns

“We’ve broken the code of consciousness.”

•Working with a coach during session to learn breath work too to help you fine tune the self regulation

•Geoffrey can tell about the issues people are having by looking at their brain scans.

•”It’s about increasing awareness and hack into whatever (mind state) you want.”

“We’re truly synapse hacking, consciousness hacking.”

“I help people get 20 years of therapeutic change in 2 weeks.”