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Optimal Performance

May 15, 2018

Today on the Optimal Performance Podcast, we have Cavin Balaster, who shares with us his knowledge on brain injuries. Seven years ago Cavin fell off of a water tower scaffolding and suffered a major brain injury that pinned the odds against him, but he went on to beat those odds and he is here to educate us. He informs us on certain types of nutrients that should be consumed by someone that has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Tune in and listen to his stories ranging from his advice to clients, to him eating marijuana…? Enjoy.

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Episode Outline

  • Intro [1:16]
  • Cavin’s Stack [6:30]
  • Pre-TBI Mentality [9:25]
  • Nutrition for Brain Recovery [15:32]
  • What does your body prefer? [19:20]
  • The Brain-Gut Connection [22:36]
  • What do you take for inflammation? [28:22]
  • Cavin’s Clients [30:12]
  • Nutrients through feeding tube diet [34:57]
  • Improving Eye Function [39:24]
  • Meditation techniques [46:04]
  • Where do you stand on cannabis and CBD? [58:36]
  • What’s next for Cavin? [62:24]
  • Outro [69:46]

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