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Optimal Performance

Feb 27, 2023

Here's how you biohack an ankle sprain. 

What to take, how to ice and what your mentality needs to be. 

BioPro+ EVERY MORNING. Insane product for recovery, mood, sleep, vitality, metabolism - GET IT HERE use code OPP -

Mega dose Krill Oil (literally 4x the daily recommended dose) - GET IT HERE....use code OPP for the discount.

CBD Tincture orally 4x daily - GET IT HERE...use code OPP for the discount

Wobenzyme joint formula - 3 pellets 4x daily GET IT HERE

Analemma Coherent Water - use GET IT HERE use code OPP for a disount

Magnesium Breakthrough - Standard dose in the evening. GET IT HERE use code OPP10 -

Collagen 2x daily - GET IT HERE use code OPP

Oil of Oregano - 4 drops under the tongue 4x daily GET IT HERE - 

Epsom Salt Bath - 15 minutes then...

Cold immersion - I prefer soaking my foot in ice water rather than an ice pack. The cold water gets better coverage

Organic Ascorbic Acid - 2 tsp dissolved in 12 oz of water, sipped throughout the day. GET IT HERE -