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Optimal Performance

Jul 27, 2022

Imagine a massive perspective shift in 8 minutes. 

Imagine feeling more calm, more present and happier in 8 minutes. 

Wyatt Ewing was burnt out, stressed out and unhappy, then he took a cold shower and his life changed. 

Fast forward to present day where he's guided thousands of people through cold exposure with Ice Barrel. 

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In this episode we cover:

*How a stranger saying “Dude you look terrible stimulated a need for cold”
*After one cold shower, Wyatt knew he wanted to sell ice baths
*How long should you spend in cold exposure?
*What health tracker data can show you about what happens in your cold immersion work
*The importance of your breath in cold exposure
*The importance of an upright posture during cold exposure.
*Why block ice works so well to keep your ice barrel cold
*Accessories to go with your ice barrel