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Optimal Performance

Jul 11, 2022

Ok, but how do herbs make us healthier?

Listen to THIS.

Dr. Bill Rawls knows how, why and which herbs you should be taking daily to boost the health of your cells and overall performance.

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In this episode we cover:

•How herbs help offset damage caused by vaccines and viruses

•Herbs protect your health and elevate your performance

•The connection between herbs and cellular protection

•Which is better herbs or vitamins 

•What herbs should you take for what goals

•What role do herbs play in fighting viruses

•Reishi, Japanese Ragweed, Chinese Skullcap, Ginger

•Rhodiola as an everyday herb

•Supplementing with herbs to protect your cells

•Herbs have protective properties which in turn protect cells

•70% of drugs come from herbs

•Drug-like herbs versus everyday herbs or “green zone herbs”

•Capsules, Tinctures or Powdered Extract?