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Optimal Performance

Jun 6, 2022

A new type of alcohol that's actual ketones!!!!

Frank Llosa is a pioneer in the keto space. His products from Ketoneaid are loved by Tour de France cyclists and world-class triathletes alike. Hear is his first appearance here

Now, he's making Hard Ketones in the form of R1,3.

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On this episode we cover:

•”A buzz with benefits.”

•Boost your ketones before bed

•Betahydroxy butyrate (ketones) with R1,3 butane diol = GOOD DRINKING

•How ethanol (alcohol) is converted in the liver resulting in headaches, nausea but R1,3 doesn’t 

•Why hard Kombuchas are still insufficient as an alcohol “alternative”

•What happens when you take too many exogenous ketones

•What other breakthrough products does Ketoneaid make

•Why Asians don’t get the flush from R1,3