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Optimal Performance

Apr 25, 2022

You have to see the pics of my experience in the Blu Room!

A mirrored octagonal faraday cage with UVB and blue lights...yes, it's like being in a space ship. on the link above to see more. 

Mike Wright from Blu Room explains how this healing modality works. It's fascinating!!!

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In this episode we cover: 

*The fascinating benefits of a faraday cage

•The future of health optimization through energy, light and vibration

•Blue colored 11 foot octagon faraday cage with UV-B and mirror reflectivity

•Pinoline from the Pineal glad -

•Environmental immersion for altered states

•45 blue rooms across the world in

•The power of relaxation recall

•Dropping into theta state

•Endochrin chemical release

•The Blue Room as an addition to other treatment protocols.

•Improvement in PTSD in small veteran study

•Why we all need detachment