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Optimal Performance

Mar 9, 2022

Harry Glorikian is immersed in health AI. Life sciences, healthcare, diagnostics, healthcare IT. 

So what? Well, you should know some of what he knows about how AI is and will be a part of your health journey. You can find his book "The Future You" HERE.

Find Optimal Performance Podcast episodes, discounts on health optimization gear and learn about the work I do as a Life Coach and Performance Coach at 

In this episode we cover:

•An accessible guide to understand how AI can help you improve your health

•How to balance digital health with natural health

•Why you should understand the technology that’s available to you - especially if you’re in the hospital

•Why predictive analytics are important for your health•How your health trackers
•AI in hospitals, health trackers
•The utility of Heart Rate Variability
•How AI will be able to predict types of cancers
•How AI will help you recover from disease faster and more optimized
•How doctors are not keeping up with med tech advances •Creating your own AI system for health optimization
•Propeller inhaler with a GPS trackers:L