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Optimal Performance

Mar 1, 2022

Stop reading this and go scrape your tongue. 

Metal fillings? Flossing every day? Using teeth whitener?

It's time to change your whole outlook about your mouth. 

Dr. Dom Nischwitz in a Biological Dentist and Biohacker based in Germany. He's the author of "It's All In Your Mouth"

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In this fascinating podcast we cover: 

•Starting with you MOUTH for Optimal Performance

•How health issues may be correlated back to damaging dental repair in the past

•Should you floss everyday? Use charcoal toothpaste? Is teeth whitening ok? Veganism ok for mouth health? ANSWERED

•Do not remove amalgam fillings without an experienced biological dentist

•Biological Dentistry vs typical dentists

•The need for updated approaches to dental and mouth health

•How food design helps your dental health