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Optimal Performance

Jan 10, 2022

Dr. David Haase is doing the most innovative healthcare in the world at Maxwell Clinic. 

His work with therapeutic blood plasma exchange is mind-blowing.

In this fascinating interview we cover:

•Removing plasma and re-injecting it to boost the systems of your body

•Starting regeneration processes earlier in life to extend longevity

•”You’re as old as your oldest organ system.”

•What happens when you remove massive amounts of blood plasma from your body.

•Focusing on how the systems of the body function = improvements

•Study of Over 500 people who did  18 plasma exchanges showed

-Slowing of Alzheimers in  moderate Alzheimer’s sufferers

-In mild Alzheimer’s patients experienced actual improvements

•The wonderful world of aphaeresis - take out the blood, do something to it, and put it back in

•Neurodegeneration, body wide stem cell activity, reversing auto-immune disease

•3 buckets of individuals who qualify for therapeutic plasma exchange

  1. Autoimmune disease
  2. Neurodegeneration
  3. Biohacking - treating longevity as a goal