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Optimal Performance

Jan 7, 2022

Katie Silcox is the author of Healthy, Happy Sexy and she's absolute expert in integrated Ayurveda.

Before biohacking was a thing...the yogis were testing extracts and herbs on themselves. Blows the mind really. 

You can find her podcast Spirit Sessions HERE

In this light-hearted and fascinating podcast we cover: 

•How does Ayurveda jive with biohacking

•Practical Ayurveda herbs for digestion, inflammation and more

•How can you start to explore an Ayurveda approach for yourself

•How do we apply extractive medicine

•Why is Ayurveda is such an effective model for optimal performance

•Ayurveda is the science of life and it’s about connecting to divine animism

•The importance of being “situated in the self” and how you can do it

•Practical Ayurvedic practices for you

•What does optimal performance mean to Katie

•The importance of the divine feminine within performance and biohacking

•How Katie thinks about, and helps people work through fear

•Spirit sessions podcast and Shakti school