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Optimal Performance

Jan 3, 2022

Year in Review Test

  -Most consistent themes from 2021 in 59 episodes

  -Prioritize sleep

  -Experiment; nutrition, exercise, performance enhancement devices


-What have we learned about our own health this year?

  -We need be in charge of our own health; health leaders have proven ineffective. Our government cannot keep us healthy, it’s up to us.

  -Stress and fear exacerbate our fight or flight response and depletes our immune system

  -Fear and stress effects our decision making


-What can we do in order to establish a strong immune system?

  -Basics; sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation,

  -Extra efforts; boosting immune system through stress management, contract therapy, positive thought


-Can we/should we listen to the media?

  -What benefit is there?

  -How does the mainstream media make their money predominantly? Pharma. Btyb Pfizer


-2021 was a dozey, what can we expect about 2022.