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Optimal Performance

Aug 9, 2021

Some people are on a whole other level. Ra definitely is. 

Ra is wildly successful working with super food line purium health. 

He hosts a weekly Kriya yoga practice - kriyaoftheweek.

He also drinks his own urine from time to time. 

HIs Instagram is a treasure trove of off-the-wall and incredibly insightful practices for human optimization. 

In this fun and interesting episode we cover:

•The power of leveraging online avatars

•From Elite Crossfit competitor to Elite Human Potential

•How to become an interesting person

•The power of choosing to be someone new.

•Key resources: Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality

•The power of Kriya

•Thinking of your body as a technology

•Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Into the dreaming of earth

•Ra’s impressive morning routine

•Why Ra consumes his own urine

•The importance of staying connected with nature and observing the information  it has for us.

•How we can and should fall in love with nature

•Skin, color of skin, sunlight, hair color

•Ra runs a team of superfood sellers for purium.