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Optimal Performance

Aug 5, 2021

Why would anyone want to immerse themselves in icy cold water? 

Listen up and we'll tell you. 

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Plunging into cold water for just a few minutes a day has a long list of health benefits.

In this episode we cover it all!

•The most advanced cold plunge device in the world

•A cold plunge that also acts as a hot tub

•Origin story of the most advanced cold plunge unit on the market

•How even 60 degree temperature shows therapeutic benefits

•Customizing your plunge practice

•Benefits of cold plunge: mood improvement, lower inflammation, ho rmetic stress optimization, discipline, weight loss, energy enhancement, nervous system override, resilience building, longevity benefits

•Why 2-4 minutes is enough

•Collaborations with Dr. Andrew Huberman

•Optimal temperatures for plunging 

•Plunge protocols for loss protocols for

•Difference between the four models

•Who shouldn’t be experimenting with cold plunging

•Why you shouldn’t OVERDO cold therapy