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Optimal Performance

Jul 27, 2021

There's a lot we don't know about this global situation. But at the same time, doctors and researchers are learning about the issues that accompany it. 

Dr. Mac is uniquely qualified to give us a lay of the land. 

Dr. Ami Mac is the Director of Translational Medicine and Patient Relations at the Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC). Here, she coordinates and advances interdisciplinary communication between participants in the healthcare ecosystem.

This is a sobering and staggering episode on the implications of Long Covid.

•What is long covid

•The symptoms of long covid like memory loss, debilitating fatigue

•The alarming occurrence of additional symptoms of long covid

•How Dr. Mac found her way to Stanford Research

•What is ME/CFS and how does it relate to Long Covid

•10-12% of covid sufferers never recover from the virus

•Co-morbid conditions EM/CFS - Long Covid: Mast-cell activation syndrome, Small intestinal bowel overgrowth, sub-clinical hypothyroidism

•How to watch for symptoms

•Biochemical processes are broken with people with ME/CFS

•What can you do to support those dealing with Long Covid

•Practices for coping with ME/CFS and Long Covid

•Implications on the healthcare system

•A call to action to share this episode