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Optimal Performance

Mar 8, 2021

Brad Kearns epitomizes optimal performance. 

He's a NY Times best selling author, podcaster, Guinness record holder, supplement formulator and primal biohacker. He's teamed up recently with Mark Sisson for the book

TWO Meals a Day: The Simple Sustainable Strategy To Lose Fat, Reverse Aging and Break Free from Diet Frustration Forever 

Brad is an encyclopedia for health, fitness and performance optimization. CATCH HIS PODCAST HERE

In this truly awesome podcast episode we cover:

•MOFO for mail hormone optimization, testicles, prostate, heart liver and bone marrow

•Liver is among the most nutrient dense food in the world.

•The concept of two meals a day - aka the 1 1/2 diet

•The research is surprising how bad snacking is for becoming transitioning from carb dependency  to fat adapted

•Explaining gluconeogenesis - and how your body burns fat

•Start by ditching the big three TOXIC MODERN FOODS -the refined grains, sugars and industrial seed oils

•The social pressure around living a healthy lifestyle

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