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Optimal Performance

Feb 19, 2021

Steve Rio is ahead of his time and luckily he's chosen to spend some time with us!

Steve is the Founder and CEO of Nature of Work - which aims to make you a better, more focused more intentional worker in your profession and your life. CHECK OUT Nature Of Work Here

In this Part 1 Episode we cover:

•Nature of Work techniques like opening and closing your work day

•The importance of reflecting on the day. Scoring the day 1-5 - to find trends.

•How success leaves clues

•The importance of living and working with purpose

•Steve’s background in tech and agency work

•Steve’s insights on futurism

•Re-thinking how we work remotely, and how we think of work. How the attention economy.

•How Nature of Work aims to create personal operating systems to be more productive with less stress.

•An 8 week course to track habits, institute journals.

•How working from home leaves us lacking tools.

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