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Optimal Performance

Jan 25, 2021

Smell is powerful. 

Inhaling essential oils with FUM  is both pleasurable and effective at building positive habits. 

Formulated with essential oils known to be antibacterial, antiviral, and immunity supporting. Shield Cores aid you in maintaining wellness.

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I actually really really like FUM - it's something I get a lot of joy from using it. 

In this great podcast we cover:

•Breathing essential oils through an inhaler

•My personal experience with FUM using Peppermint as a nootropic and pre-workout

•Peppermint to open airways

•How the founders found essential oils useful for performance

•Using the highest quality essential oils for FUM

•The origin story of the essential oil inhaler

•The uses of inhaling the different blends.

•The psychological and physiological benefits

•Smoking cessation testimonials

•Building positive habits with aroma therapy - through psychological anchoring

•R&D process for creating blends

•Proceeds feeding hungry kids in Kenya

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