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Optimal Performance

Jan 22, 2021

Dr. Scott Sherr is one of world's leading experts in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. 

Recently a study out of Israel showed:

-Increased telomere length by 20%

-Decreased senescent cell populations by 37%

-With NO lifestyle changes!

Dr. Scott is director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Heath Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions. 

In this highly informative episode of the OPP we cover:

•What is Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy?

•How does it work?

•HBOT for new blood vessels, stem cells release, regenerating tissue and cells, oxygenating the body, decreasing inflammation, stroke and heart attack recovery, reduction of senescent cells

•Different types of HBOT units

•HBOT for burns, wounds and trauma

•The importance of supplementing based on your specific needs.

•Dr. Sherr got involved with HBOT while looking to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

•Which tests are most critical for hacking the self in a customized way. Blood, urine, stool, gut microbiota testing.

•Optimizing biology is always a moving target. So you have to create foundational health

•Why Continuous Glucose Monitors and Heart Rate Variability are Dr. Sherr’s favorite trackers.

•When you can measure, you can optimize on a foundational level.

•Dr. Sherr’s work in Health Optimization with Dr. Ted Achacoso

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