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Optimal Performance

Dec 17, 2020

Analyzing the process of mastery is fascinating work. 

A typical day at the home office of my guests: Investing in innovative medical technology or managing many millions. 

Neal Mody - Managing Director for Zoic Capital and Chris Haydel Founder of a Pasadena based wealth management firm make big decisions every day. 

They're also co-hosts of Market Meditations a podcast on philosophy and finance. 

In this ode to Tim Ferriss-esque podcast we cover:

•Performance through the lens of financial mastery

•Performance through ease and grace

•Performance through intense focus

•The concept of widening your aperture in order to analyze situations and make great decisions.

•How meditation empowers the path of mastery

•The power of “let me get back to you on that”

•The importance of the teachings of Tich Nat Han and Charlie Munger