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Optimal Performance

Dec 14, 2020

Gwella is upleveling mushrooms to 2.0 with a truly innovative mushrooms products.

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Peter Reitano and Daniel Sanders CEO AND CSO of Gwella

In this fascinating episode we cover:

•Gwella makes products combining botanicals and ingredients with powerful mushrooms

•Microdosing thresholds vary for people

•Peter and Daniel and I share their first experiences with mushrooms

•We share our first experiences with mushrooms for performance

•How do mushrooms work as adaptogens

•Clarity of thought, increased energy, stress management.

•Can you have too many mushrooms in your system?

•Functional Mushrooms, Medicinal Mushrooms and Transformational Mushrooms, Recreational

•Taking just enough is the key

•What’s the difference between a drink mix and a capsulation for uses.

•The difference between using mycelium versus a fruity body in mushroom supplements (Example - some cordycept variations in mycelium and fruity body.

•The potential of growing your own food and medicine via a mushroom kit.

•The importance of N of 1 personal discovery to find what works for you as an individual

•Using mushrooms as an alternative to adderal