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Optimal Performance

Dec 4, 2020

Dustin Wolfe owns and operates the largest sexual health clinic in North America - Novus.

Now, he's bringing the same technology he uses in clinics - Acoustic Wave Therapy  - to men for home use. 


Yes, I've tried it...and yes it works like he says it does.

In this fascinating and inspiring episode we cover: 

•Backed by 100s of clinical studies by doctors groups including urology groups from around the world.

•Shockwave and acoustic wave therapy are the same thing

•Standard price is $3k for 6 20-min treatments

•How this works for scar tissue all over the body

•Can this work for ladies too?

•Totally safe to use

•The shame and anxiety around addressing ED

•The testimonials are astounding

•The research that backs acoustic wave therapy.

•The process of developing the specific protocols to improve performance and get results without down time

•Clears plaque and grows new tissue.

•This is like taking your penis to the gym.

•How important intimacy is for relationships. Especially now.

•How this works with Peyronin’s (crookedness)