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Optimal Performance

Nov 30, 2020

This is part 2 of my investigation to Levels Health - the continuous glucose monitor system to correct your metabolic dysfunction. 

Josh Clemente is the co-founder and former mechanical engineer for life support systems at Space X. 

Now, he's designing a way to help the world with metabolic issues.

In this fascinating episode of the optimal performance cover:

•Follow up from Levels Health Preview

•Mechanical Engineer for life support systems at Space X

•Became fed up from lacks in mental and physical energy despite working out.

•Inspired by Robb Wolf referencing CGM in “Wired to Eat”

•What’s the difference between normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic metabolic range

•We are seeing the effects of a metabolically dysfunctional society

•Levels for physical performance

•Ultramarathon runners using levels to optimize fat oxidation

•Fluctuations in REM causing blood sugar to rise. EARLY studies!

•The potential that CGM may help predict cardiac events in the future